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Hydrometers, Glass Instruments, Lactometer & Thermometer

Max-Eyth-Strasse 6
DE 34369 Hofgeismar
Portrait of the Geco-Gering Company

GECO Hydrometers are known for Precision and Reliability.

Activity, courageous management and first-class quality made of our company a capable manufacturer of hydrometers since its foundation.

Our company's history begins in 1910 in Thuringian Forest, being the centre of the production of glass Instruments.

Now, in the fifth generation, we produce a comprehensive program of hydrometers for laboratories and industry in Hofgeismar near Kassel.

A rational production with modern machines, best raw materials and the inevitable manual work of qualified experts guarantee a first-class quality.

We care much about a precise and exact adjustment.

In our vacuum arrangement, all hydrometers with integrated thermometer are filled with mercury, according to the most recent state of technics.


GECO Precision Hydrometers - absolutely necessary for Exact Measurements.

GECO precision hydrometers are measuring instruments being indispensable in scientific laboratories as well as for various controls in industry. They are used to measure the densities of liquids, solutions and liquid mixtures of diverse components.

The density of a liquid is that number which indicates the weight. of one milliliter of this liquid in grams. It is preferably written down in g/ml or g/cm3.

GECO precision hydrometers consist of a cylindrical hollow body of glass having the ballast on its bottom and taking the form of a narrow cylinder at its top being called the 'stem'. The stem holds the measuring scale.

If a hydrometer is dipped into a liquid, it immerses until its pressure balances the ascending force. The density value or the special degrees may directly be read from the scale at the hight of the liquid level.

GECO Precision Hydrometers - solve also Your Special Measuring Pro-blems.

You may also have GECO precision hydrometers with integrated thermometer either in the floating body or in the stem above the measuring scale, depending on the special application purpose.

In addition, further special instruments can be produced on demand for various applications.

Please do not hesitate to inform us of your special use/measuring problem; we are always ready to let you have our expert advice.

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